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Question: I’ve never purchased a headstone before. Where do I start?

Answer: Call, email, or visit Mandan Memorial today. As a locally owned and operated company, we are committed to helping you through the process of selecting the right headstone.

You can trust us to help you in understanding the regulations and restrictions of the cemetery where you want to install the headstone. That’s not all; we’ll offer you a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and granite colors to not only fit your taste and style, but your budget as well. We offer a lifetime warranty on Domestic granite and a 1 year warranty on Imported granite.

Drop by today and we will greet you with friendly, no-pressure service. Our experienced professionals will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you have. We strive to provide you with the highest quality product that fits your needs and budget.

Question: What shapes and sizes are available?

Answer: We carry many standard shapes and sizes of in-stock granite. However, there are two main types of headstones for you to choose from – grass markers and upright monuments.

Grass markets are usually installed flat and are either flushed with grass as required by some cemeteries or poured on a slight slope.

Upright monuments are available in various shapes – vertical-faced, slants, hearts, ovals, teardrops, and other shapes. Check out our gallery to see the examples of what is available.

We offer a lifetime warranty on domestic granite and a 1-year warranty on imported granite.

Question: How much does a monument or headstone cost?

Answer: The price of our headstone or monument depends on the size, shape, and granite color. We have infant-size stones, single stones, and companion stones. The pricing includes the stone, engraving, concrete, and installation.

You’ll also find many larger sizes. We specialize in custom, one-of-a-kind styles and shapes to fit your taste and budget. Call, email, or visit our showroom today for a no-pressure, upfront, honest quote.

Question: How does the process work?

Answer: You can begin the process by selecting the size, shape, and granite color of your choice. We will then take all the necessary information that you would like on the stone and write up an order. Our in-house artist will make the design and send a proof for you to review and approve. You can let us know of all the required changes or spelling corrections and we will correct them until you are completely satisfied. After you have approved and signed the proof, the down payment amount is collected. We will then engrave the stone, and after the payment of the remaining balance, we’ll move forward with setting it in the cemetery. You’ll be notified about the completion and installation through phone and email.

Question: How long does the process take?

Answer: Depending on the work complexity and number of revisions, the proof and approval process usually takes about 1-2 weeks. The job is then completed in 4-6 weeks, from the time of the design proof approval, which can also depend on factors such as workload, weather, time of year, etc.

Question: Is a concrete border required around my stone?

Answer: Yes, a concrete border (mow strip) is required to protect the stone from damage by lawnmowers, trimmers, and other equipment. However, it is determined by the individual cemetery’s regulations. You can also choose from our all-granite options instead of a concrete border.

Question: What can I use to clean my stone?

Answer: You can use white vinegar and then rinse generously with water. You can also remove stubborn mineral deposits and hard water stains by using a plastic bristle brush. In case you do not get the required results with white vinegar, you can use a mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part Muriatic Acid. The Muriatic acid can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores and should be used with caution as it can burn your skin and eat or discolor the finish on the concrete mow strip. You need to rinse the stone and concrete repeatedly with water until the acid is completely washed away.

Question: Can I purchase a headstone in advance before I or my loved one has passed away?

Answer: Yes, you can purchase a “pre-need” stone which can be made in advance and as per your design. Also, you can save yourself from future price rise by paying at today’s rates. You’ll be pleased to learn that we can either install the stone at the cemetery or keep it stored with us for free, be it for 1 year or 30+ years.

Question: Can you do custom designs and monument shapes?

Answer: We specialize in custom designs. You can choose from thousands of designs which are 100% original and copyrighted by us. Take a look at our catalog and completed work which is proof of the fact that we don’t use any low-quality or stolen designs.

Question: What kind of accessories can I add to a headstone or monument?

Answer: You can check out our porcelain and enameled steel portraits that come with a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. If the portrait fades or gets damaged, you call us and get a free replacement and installation. You have the choices of marble and granite flower vases for upright monuments and in-ground flower vases for grass markers. We also carry a large selection of military, service, and other medallions that can be inlaid into the granite.

Question: If I order a headstone online from another company and have it shipped, can you add the concrete and install it in the cemetery?

Answer: We have the option of doing this but you can end up paying more than directly purchasing the stone from us. You can always trust us to stand behind your purchase.

Question: If I live too far away to visit your showroom, am I still able to order a stone?

Answer: Yes, you can purchase our stone over the phone or via email, without vising our showroom. You can take a look at our completed work from our online catalog and contact us. You can be ensured of an easy and convenient service as we respond to your requests as soon as possible. We serve all of North Dakota and the surrounding areas.

Question: Can you engrave a death date on a stone that is already installed in the cemetery?

Answer: Yes, we can do that using our portable equipment. You can contact us today to learn more about our pricing.